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It does not matter what kind of web-based venture you are going to kick start but shared web hosting is the best one to start with! Because of the fact, there is no scarcity when it comes to the number of web hosts that do offer shared web hosting, and that is why it has become a somewhat tough task for a newbie web professional to choose the best shared-hosting solution for his requirement of a website or blog. What’s more, even some experienced professionals do face intense confusion when it comes to selecting a hosting provider from the relatively huge list. I hope one and only way to fix this issue is to have detailed review of web hosting providers, based on several factors such as pricing plans, reliability, features, etc.



In this article, however, we will have the review of JustHost — a company that has put its focus on shared web-hosting solutions for a past few years. In this review, we’ll check JustHost from users’ point of view, considering its sections like hosting plans, pricing and additional features. First of all, we will have a brief yet comprehensive introduction to JustHost.

JustHost — Shared Web Hosting at its Best

Well, as I said earlier, JustHost has put focus on shared web hosting, in spite of the fact that JustHost offers VPS as well. Since it is so, we will be having a deeper look on shared web hosting service of JustHost in this review. Now, we will move on to different aspects of this web hosting service.

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What JustHost Offers

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When we check out specifications and features of JustHost shared hosting service, the single plan is quite impressive. Noticeable factors of JustHost shared hosting plan are as follows:


Unlimited Disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

Ability to host Multiple Domains

Free Domain Registration

Integrated Site Builder

Support for PHP, MySQL, Perl, Ruby on Rails, SSL, FTP etc.

When compared to other web hosts available, let it be HostGator or Bluehost, JustHost is the best you can get when you are looking for an effective yet affordable web-hosting plan. Since the plan offers free domain registration, you’d not have to include price of domain name (say around $10) in the whole amount to kick-start your blog. While we do consider this case, JustHost is the best for newbies who do not have billions to spend on ‘blog-building’.

User Interface and Add-ons

When it comes to web servers, User Interface of control panel is something really important! In this point of view, JustHost has simply rocked, as it is using a customized version of cPanel. Unlike typical version of cPanel, this type of UI makes JustHost web server easier to be managed. Easier domain management, CDN integration and site backup etc. are noticeable features that make the UI of JustHost a bit more impressive and intuitive. Altogether, I really did like UI of JustHost shared hosting.

While considering UI, we have to give extra importance to additional features that accompany shared hosting plan of JustHost. For instance, to set up CMS-based blogs in an easy manner, cPanel of JustHost shared hosting includes set of scripts. Using these scripts, you will be able to set up CMSs and web platforms, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento, in a matter of seconds. Plus, as I have mentioned earlier, JustHost has included a site-builder script, and it will be useful when you want to set up a typical home page without involving in code play of HTML and CSS. In addition, while talking of its support of eCommerce support, we have to mention ability to install SSL certificates as well.


With both solutions for JustHost — VPS and shared hosting — you can grab all-the-time support through email, chat or call. Thus, despite the fact that JustHost offers maximum uptime, you will be able to fix your issues and clear your doubts using these methods.

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Pricing and Plans


Unlike majority of shared web hosting providers out there in market, JustHost offers single plan for shared hosting. It means that, regardless the amount of money you pay, you get same standard of service from JustHost. Being part of its introductory offer, JustHost shared hosting is available for a monthly charge of $2.75, when you buy it for a period of three years. On the other hand, if you are purchasing the service for less time-period, say a year or two, you have to pay $3.95 and $3.50 respectively. In addition to these, there is also a Pro plan of shared web hosting from the firm and it costs $14.95 while purchasing it for three years. Altogether, while compared to plans of other companies that do offer shared web hosting, you can be sure of the fact that plans of JustHost shared hosting is damn affordable.

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