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Arvixe Review – Web Hosting Review

If you have ever been in into the tedious task to find the best web-hosting provider, you would definitely have heard about Arvixe Hosting services. They are one of the most trusted, reliable, effective and affordable web hosts that rule web-hosting industry. Nevertheless, we understand that most of you are not that confident when you want to select Arvixe Hosting as the web host of your website, blog or web-based application. It was because of this fact that we did decide to do a fully-fledged review of Arvixe Hosting in such a way that you’ll be able to move on with your decision to buy & use web-hosting services from Arvixe Hosting. First, to get a concrete idea about base of Arvixe Hosting, we will provide an Arvixe review and shall check out its company background and related aspects.



Arvixe Review – Know about the Company

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Having started its journey in 2003, Arvixe hosting has more than enough experience in field of web hosting, as it has, in these years, helped a large number of professionals to host and maintain their websites and blogs, varying on size and performance requirement. When it comes to the case of datacenters, Arvixe can serve everyone well, as it offers service through multiple data centers, situated in Chicago, Dallas and New Jersey; plus, the servers are enriched with uninterrupted power supply, optimized network architecture, effective operations center etc. Altogether, when we consider the company behind Arvixe Hosting, we can give it nothing but a high five. Now, our Arvixe review will check out different kinds of web-hosting services offered by Arvixe Hosting.

What Arvixe Hosting Offers


Shared Linux Web Servers


Are you looking for an effective shared hosting solution to host your HTML-based website or WordPress-based blog? If so, Arvixe Hosting has a suitable solution for you. There are two plans in shared hosting part of Arvixe Hosting — PersonalClass Hosting that costs $4.00 per month and PersonalClass Pro that costs $7.00 per month. Despite the fact that both plans offer features such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, free domain name, integrated CDN and Softaculous, the first plan lets you host only six domains.


In addition to this, Arvixe Hosting has a Business Hosting section, in which number of users on a specific number has been decreased as to improve individual performance. Along with unlimited bandwidth and disk space, both plans of this section has additional features such as dedicated IP, SSL certificate etc.


VPS Hosting


VPS Hosting, being a bridge between shared hosting and fully-fledged dedicated servers, is for those, who need web server with no one else using its resources. Three VPS plans are offered by Arvixe Hosting — VPSClass Lite, VPSClass and VPSClass Pro — that cost $20, $40 and $70 per month respectively. All these plans, to your respite, offer credits for advertisement, free domain name, Cloudflare CDN, Softaculous and SSL certificate.


Dedicated Server Hosting


The best part of Arvixe Hosting dedicated hosting is the ability to customize servers according to your convenience & requirement, in spite of the fact that pre-customized servers, namely Barebones Dual Processor Server, Professional Web Server and Enterprise Server, are available. While customizing, however, you can change a number of aspects of your desired web server as to gain maximum performance.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is actually a part of dedicated server hosting, despite the fact that the former has acquired the powers of cloud computing. With fully managed servers available, choosing the best plan for your cloud hosting requirement is a matter of seconds and there are only three plans available — Basic, Pro and Premium, that costs $108, $129 and $149 respectively.

Along with these conventional plans, dedicated hosting plans for CMSs such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, Magento etc. are available. Plus, it is to be noted that Arvixe Hosting offers Windows version of all these hosting services. For instance, it’s possible for you to have a shared Windows server or Windows-based VPS by clicking on ‘ASP’ version of plan. In the same way, you can select the OS while purchasing dedicated or cloud server from Arvixe Hosting.

User Interface

If you have a look on control panel of Arvixe hosting, you can understand how simple it is to use! Arvixe Hosting uses cPanel as its control panel and the control panel is the best as far as you are concerned about productivity. However, it does not want to you to compromise in terms of productivity.

Customer Support

Since it is usual to have doubts while managing your web server, Arvixe Hosting has integrated a powerful customer care section with each of its web-hosting service. Plus, customer care of Arvixe Hosting has already grabbed number of awards for its awesome service. Thus, regardless your level of expertise in web server management, you can just go with Arvixe Hosting!


In light of uptime charts and opinion from other users, Arvixe Hosting is best in terms of reliability. In addition to uninterrupted functioning, server performance of Arvixe Hosting services are also impressive and that is a good thing!

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