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Channel number within a band Transmit power Supported modulation and coding schemes Supported data rates An AP has been configured to use channel 1 with a transmit power of 20 dBm.

Each AP has been configured with a transmit power level of 14 dBm. Cisco 352-001 Practice Quiz Most Reliable 352-001 Practice Quiz Practise Questions Exams Cert.

As you work through this chapter, remember that two things are important the size of the BSA or AP cell and the location of cells in relation to each other.

Share latest Cisco 352-001 Exam Collection Books. Which one of the following strategies should be used to reduce the AP 8217 s cell size Enable the 1 Mbps data rate Enable the 54 Mbps data rate Disable the 36 and 48 Mbps data rates Disable the 2 Mbps data rate All the APs on the second floor of a building are part of a single ESS.

Valid Cisco 352-001 Practice Lab Ebook Pdf. 8221 Table 7 1 8220 Do I Know This Already 8221 Section to Question Mapping AP Cell Size Adding APs to an ESS 5 8211 10 C2010-651 Books Which of the following parameters can be adjusted on an AP to change the size of its cell or BSA Choose all that apply.

5 , 6 , 9 , 11 , 12 , 18 , 24 , 36 , and 48 Mbps data rates to its clients.

One day, one of the APs fails and someone replaces it.

You discover that the problems are not occurring in the area covered by the failed AP instead, they are occurring about two APs away from it.

With the AP located in the center of the lobby, you have determined that its signal will reach all locations in the lobby area.

Which one of the following could be causing the problem The replacement AP has its radios disabled. 100% Pass Cisco 352-001 Certification.

Cisco CCDE 352-001 Practice Quiz Practice Quiz Premium Exam. If you are in doubt about your answers to these questions or your own assessment of your knowledge of the topics, read the entire chapter.

Describe basic RF deployment considerations related to site survey design of data or VoWLAN applications common RF interference sources such as devices, building material, AP location and basic RF site survey design related to channel reuse, signal strength, and cell overlap Chapters 1 through 6 covered wireless communication with a focus on 352-001 Practice Quiz a single access point AP exchanging data with one or more clients.

The replacement AP is using a transmit level of 1 dBm.

Cisco 352-001 Book Answers Sets. This chapter explains how wireless coverage can be adjusted to meet a need and how it can be grown to scale over a greater area A2090-422 Practice Note and a greater number of clients.

In addition, each AP has been configured to use a non overlapping channel that is different from its adjacent neighbors.

352-001 Practice Quiz Complete Guide Questions PDF. Table 7 1 lists the major headings in this chapter and their corresponding 8220 Do I Know This Already 8221 quiz questions.

AP Cell Size 8212 This section discusses how the size of a wireless cell affects things like coverage area, performance, and efficiency.

Cisco CCDE 352-001 Practice Quiz PDF demo Books. Adding APs to an ESS 8212 This section covers the process of growing an extended service set, with 1Z0-140 Exam Training an emphasis on client roaming and proper layout of wireless channels over an area.

8220 Do I Know This Already 352-001 Practice Quiz 8221 Quiz The 8220 Do I Know This Already 8221 quiz allows you to assess MB2-708 Practice Exam whether you should read this entire chapter thoroughly or jump to the 000-106 Practice Note 8220 Exam Preparation Tasks 8221 section.

Cisco CCDE 352-001 Practice Quiz Exams Answers ADVDESIGN Practice Lab. All APs have been configured to offer only the 24 , 36 , 48 , and 54 Mbps data rates all other rates are disabled.

Which one of the following approaches will probably fix the problem Increase the AP 8217 s transmit power to increase its range Increase the client device 8217 s transmit power Adjust the client device 8217 s roaming algorithm Enable some lower data rates on the AP Suppose that an AP is configured to offer the following data rates 2 , 5.

You can find the answers in Appendix A, 8220 Answers to the 8216 Do I Know This Already 8217 Quizzes.

A single AP may be sufficient for home or small office use, but most wireless LANs involve a greater geographic area and require more APs.

However, some users with small battery operated devices report connectivity problems when they move toward the outer walls of the lobby. 2017 Latest 352-001 Practice Quiz Practice Note.

Latest Cisco 352-001 test questions Practice CX-310-202 Complete Guide Test. The replacement AP is using the 1 and 2 Mbps data rates.

Afterward, users begin to call and complain about poor performance and roaming.